2hrs - coastline - Photo Opps

This is an all-around trailing, desert to coast adventure, specially for guests that have extra time in their schedules and want to enjoy an extreme, fun and unique experience.


Instead of doing a half-day adventure, we’ve shorten it to a 2hr private supervised expedition. Enjoy the best trails and the most amazing routes and panoramic views. This is without beach time or lunch, although with the best photo opportunities.

Vehicle insurance and hydration are included.



3hrs - beach leisure time - customizable

The East Cape Adventure is ideal for guests looking to escape into the desert and enjoy beautiful secluded beaches with no-one around.

It’s a 3hr supervised private expedition trailing on the most amazing routes and panoramic views.


At half-way we do our Beach Cuisine Experience where you'll be catered with a plated 3-course Mexican Foodie menu cooked on-site at our beach joint in La Fortuna. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the beach by strolling, sun bathing, swimming, or else.


ECA + Baja Surfing

5hrs - desert to coast - surfing

We've paired with the best private surfing outfits in town to offer you the best of both Baja Peninsula worlds: off-road & surf. Immerse yourselves in the everchanging Baja desert through incredibly aged sceneries all the way up to the best breaks in the East Cape.

If you've surfed this breaks before this is a perfect way to get you pumped up before the session, trailing through the raw desert for a complete baja adventure. If it's your first time surfing and you need lessons, the surf instructors are the best and we can almost guarantee you'll be riding a wave back to shore .

Beach Cuisine Experience

ECA + Beach Cuisine Experience

4hrs - desert to coast - Private Chef

The focus of this adventure is enhancing all of your senses in a unique and outstanding expedition. You'll be immersing yourselves into the raw Baja desert admiring sceneries and views that are still untouched.


To top if off, a gourmet cuisine menu cooked on site at our joint in La Fortuna surfers beach will be served by a private Chef to enjoy the beach and the mesmerizing view. 


(Available for the East Cape Adventure)

Ask for details on how to enhance your experience.