We dedicate ourselves to build custom-designed off-road adventures for our clients. Ever since December 2016 we’ve been creating long-lasting memories in one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. The Baja marvelled us for it’s rare contrast with a seemingly dead desert on one side and gorgeous deserted beaches on the other. This made the East Cape, being only 15 minutes off from San José del Cabo, the perfect scenery for our expeditions.


Los Cabos is a luxury travel destination and we notice there was something missing. Nobody was looking into an off-road adventure that met high-end standards. We wanted to create something for you and other luxury travel visitors that enjoy their privacy and prefer things to go their own way.


Going exclusive and private gives us the opportunity to offer you a unique and personalized service. We do our best to cater the wants and needs of our guests. Always keeping, above all else, the outstanding outcome of their experience as our main goal.

Working privately with our guests also gives us the flexibility to create an experience just for them, unique and different from the previous or next group. Specially with our Beach Cuisine Experience where the Chef works magic at our beach joint with a tailor-made plated menu for them.

Four years into the making of this unique off-road experience, we've been out on the desert for many hours finding amazing sceneries and views while at the same time incredible local flora examples. Our motivation stands on curating the routes and connecting the best trails with one another to be able to offer you a "wow" within every five minutes of your expedition.  

With a memerizing route and a phenomenal half-way point at our private beach joint in La Fortuna surfer's beach we are certain we can offer a personalized, exclusive, unique and authentic off-road expedition like no other.
So rather than “just another tour”, we offer you the
Ultimate Thrill.




Nono CANTú

Head of Administration



Head of Operations


Santi Álvarez

Head of Maintenance